Linux Distribution


CentOS  v.6.3

CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor.

Debian Distribution Mirror  v.1.0

Debian Distribution Mirror is Python mirror software for Debian GNU/Linux distribution packages using wget


Just Use Linux JULinux  v.1.0

Goal: Create a Linux distribution that fits on a CD and still comes with every program, utility, codec, and ability people have come to demand in Open and Closed Source Software.

Frozen-Bubble  v.1.0

The game has been written in Perl/SDL and developed on a Mandriva Cooker Gnu/Linux distribution.

Universal USB Installer  v.

Universal USB Installer is a Live Linux USB Creator that allows you to choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to put on your USB Flash Drive. The Universal USB Installer is easy-to-use. Simply choose a Live Linux Distribution, the ISO file,

GParted LiveCD  v.0.13.0-1

GParted Live is a small bootable GNU/Linux distribution for x86 machine. It enables you to use all the features of the latest versions of GParted. The GParted software is the GNOME partition editor for creating, reorganizing,

Gentoo Linux  v.12.1

Gentoo is a free operating system based on either Linux or FreeBSD that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need.

Linux Mint KDE 64bit  v.10

Linux Mint is one of the surprise packages of the past year.

Linux Mint Fluxbox  v.9

Linux Mint is one of the surprise packages of the past year.

Debian GNU/Linux  v.6.0.6

Debian Operating System is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system.

Mandriva Linux  v.2011

Mandriva Linux is an operating system for your computer.

Tiny Core Linux  v.3.3

Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal Linux GUI Desktop.

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